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candlesWe are supporters of green living. We are concerned about ‘health of our planet’ and make efforts not to contribute to pollution and degradation of our environment.
Our products are free from paraffin, other chemical additives and waxes obtained from genetically modified plants. Wicks that we use for our products are unprimed (without chemical treatment) as we believe our candles burn beautifully in natural way as they are.

Currently our range of products comprises of three different sizes: large 3 wick and standard size candles (one wick) and tea lights. All of them are hand poured and hand made. We encourage everyone to reuse glass containers after a candle has been burnt out. Reusing it as a tea light holder is just one of many ideas. We also offer pure beeswax candles made by British Beekeepers. 100% pure beeswax range include: taper beeswax and thin taper beeswax and rolled beeswax candles. Our range of holders and coasters is made of natural materials  such as : glass, wood, gemstones (rose quartz, selenite), onyx, marble, fossil stone, wood  stone.

Candles are a timeless invention that will never become outdated. Candle is an addition that suits all occasions. It is fantastic companion for reading a book or spending time with friends and family. It is a must-have for special occasions such as a dinner to celebrate an important event, birthday and many others. Burning candle creates amazing atmosphere. It brings calm, warm and relaxed aura to a place and makes every day unusual.

We will always look for ways to improve our products in order to bring to you the best candles possible.
We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do.
Whether at work place or in private life, switch green!

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Bright Light Candles team

Some historical meaning of light

Candles are associated with light. Word ‘Light’ has many meanings. Just to list few, light can be a metaphor for good/goodness, enlightment, solution, perspective, hope. For centuries candles have been used to signify special event or occasion. In ancient times light itself was an object of worship. The ancient Greeks and Romans worshipped Sacred Fire. In some religions lighted lamps are used to mark objects and places of special sanctity. The ancient Greeks kept lighted lamps before statues of their gods. In Roman culture lights were used for official worship and to show respect for civil functionaries. Romans had tradition of burning dead with a lamp so to help with their way through the Underworld. In Jewish tradition Holy Fire was to never extinguish.

‘He changed the holy night vigil (of Easter) into a brightness as of day, by causing all wax tapers to be lighted throughtout the City, and besides these, torches diffused everywhere their light, so as to impart to his mystic vigil a splendour more briliant than that of day’

Candles in the Roman Rite by Edwin Ryan