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Home décor

What is it you are looking for? A gift or present, home decor items, bedroom decoration items, something for your office or maybe living room or bathroom? Look no further. We have beautiful and very practical items suitable for all occassions.We offer quality candles and candle accessories i.e. coasters and candle holders at affordable prices. Different shapes and sizes products made of natural materials such as stone, wood, glass, beeswax and vegetable wax. Moreover our offer includes beeswax and honey natural and organic cosmetics made by British beekeepers.

Products we offer can be used for many and any occassions. Family or celebration dinner, romantic dinner or for every day dining, we have items that fit the bill. With our clear glass candle accessories you can make your dining experience special. Clean and crisp look of glass will make you feel like dining in five stars hotel.

It is not enough that our products look great. They have also health benefits. You can read more about it on our Product Page.

Our candles and candle accessories can be used for a bedroom decor to make this very important place unwinding and peaceful. Our selection of salt lamps and natural and beeswax candles is perfect for creating proper bedroom experience.

In professional environment, you can create formal, elegant and relaxed at the same time interior of your office. Our stone range is very suitable for this purpose as it can create sharp and formal look. However, with burning candle it smooths atmosphere. We offer a range of candle holders and candle accessories made of the following kinds of stone: marble (black stone), fossil stone, onyx and wood stone. You will find a good range of candles in our online store as we offer tea light candles, glass medium size candles, 3 wick candles, taper candles (dinner candles), thin taper candles, beeswax rolled candles of different sizes.

Use organic candles with good quality essential oils for studying. Essential oils can help with concentration and stress thus facilitate learning. It is also good idea to use them in work environment.

Pick few jewellery pieces for a gift. P.S. Mind the fact it can be gift for yourself or someone else. To pamper the gift receiver a little bit more add a piece or two of our skin care products. And at the end of the day enjoy relaxing evening surrounded by warm light of candles.

We can write more and more about possibilites but we will not. We are leaving the opportunity to be creative and pick the best pieces for yourself.

Enjoy shopping!


Here are some examples of home décor for various needs. Hope you like it.


Home Spa

Home Spa kit includes: rolled beeswax candle, clear glass candle plates, fossil stone candle holders, beeswax tea light candles, organic beeswax and honey soap, honey and beeswax lip balm.

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Study room or work office

The kit includes: Himalayan salt lamp, black marble coasters, black stone (marble) D-shaped tea light holders and cylinder candle holders.

home decor for study room


Dinner for two

The kit includes: wood stone range: 3 piece candle holders, elephant tea light holders, square coasters.

dinner for two home decor