Himalayan Salt products

Pure Himalayan Pink Salt, handcrafted products.

It is said that salt products have many health and wellbeing benefits. Nowadays environment is polluted by positive ions. Positive ions are generated by use of TV, mobile phones, microwaves and other equipment and devices generating electric waves.

In contrast, Himalayan Salt lamps and products produce negative ions. Negative ions are generated since lamp has heated up and from that point it keeps releasing negative ions into environment protecting us from positive ions.

Himalayan Salt used for making salt products comes from Himalayan Salt mine and contains over 84 natural minerals needed for maintaining good health. It is the same quality salt as pink salt used in the kitchen for culinary purpose.

Benefits of salt products include:

– help you sleep better

-kill bacteria and germs in the air

-reduce stress

-help you feel more rested and active

-create relaxed atmosphere.