Jojoba wax candles

Jojoba wax candles.

Jojoba is a desert evergreen shrub very economical to grow. It does not require any special farming procedures and has very little demand for water consumption. Jojoba seeds are used for production of jojoba oil valued in cosmetic industry. Jojoba wax is obtained by hydrogenation of jojoba oil. Our jojoba candles are made of 100% cosmetic grade jojoba wax. It means that  jojoba wax we use is chemicals free.

Currently we offer two sizes of jojoba candles. We stock jojoba wax tea lights and standard size glass jojoba candles. They are great alternative to soya wax candles.

We offer candle accessories as well. Our tea light holders and coasters will complete your purchase. We have all you need for candles. We use natural products and environmentally friendly. We strongly encourage to have a look at our candle holders range. The range includes glass, wood, natural stone, Himalayan salt and gemstone products. We offer wide choice of different shapes and sizes. Beautiful products made to last.

We also suggest to reuse the glass container after a candle burnt out. It can be used as a tea light or rolled candle holder.