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Beeswax is secreted from wax-producing glands by worker bees and is used for building honeycomb. Beeswax has many applications. It is widely used in the food industry, cosmetics production and naturally for candle making. It is said that burning 100% pure beeswax candles can help with allergy, sinus and asthma symptoms. It is also helpful with purifying air by eliminating air pollutants such as dust, pollen and other pollutants.
Our beeswax candles are made of 100% pure organic beeswax so you can be sure you get quality, chemical free products. We offer many different sizes of candles. All are handmade in UK. Some of our candles are handmade by British bee keepers.

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Jojoba wax candles.

Jojoba is a desert evergreen shrub very economical to grow. It does not require any special farming procedures and has very little demand for water consumption. Jojoba seeds are used for production of jojoba oil valued in cosmetic industry. Jojoba wax is obtained by hydrogenation of jojoba oil. Our jojoba candles are made of 100% cosmetic grade jojoba wax. It means that  jojoba wax we use is chemicals free.

Currently we offer two sizes of jojoba candles. We stock jojoba wax tea lights and standard size glass jojoba candles. They are great alternative to soya wax candles.

We offer candle accessories as well. Our tea light holders and coasters will complete your purchase. We have all you need for candles. We use natural products and environmentally friendly. We strongly encourage to have a look at our candle holders range. The range includes glass, wood, natural stone, Himalayan salt and gemstone products. We offer wide choice of different shapes and sizes. Beautiful products made to last.

We also suggest to reuse the glass container after a candle burnt out. It can be used as a tea light or rolled candle holder.


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Hemp wax candles.

Hemp is a super plant. It belongs to Cannabis family, it is green leafy plant and it grows up to 20 foot high. It delivers many products such as: hemp oil, hemp seeds, clothes, ropes/wicks, fuel and of course wax. It is very easy to grow with no need for fertilizers or pesticides. Our hemp candles are made of 100% cosmetic grade waxes including hemp wax and organic hemp oil.

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Candle accessories. Range of coasters and candle holders. Made from natural stone, wood, glass, crystals. Quality products suitable for all the needs you may have. We offer wide range of coasters, candle holders and candles. We stock natural beeswax candles and vegetable wax candles. Different sizes available, from tea lights to 3 wick candles. Shop for night light holders, taper and pillar candle holders. You will find various size candles and holders to go well together.

Shop for your favourite look. With our range of accessories you can create any kind of  interior you want. You will find something for your bedroom, living room, office, even bathroom. Create relaxed look, crisp look or any other with our range of products. Our quality products come with good prices.

View our product page to check on all options.

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Pure Himalayan Pink Salt, handcrafted products.

It is said that salt products have many health and wellbeing benefits. Nowadays environment is polluted by positive ions. Positive ions are generated by use of TV, mobile phones, microwaves and other equipment and devices generating electric waves.

In contrast, Himalayan Salt lamps and products produce negative ions. Negative ions are generated since lamp has heated up and from that point it keeps releasing negative ions into environment protecting us from positive ions.

Himalayan Salt used for making salt products comes from Himalayan Salt mine and contains over 84 natural minerals needed for maintaining good health. It is the same quality salt as pink salt used in the kitchen for culinary purpose.

Benefits of salt products include:

– help you sleep better

-kill bacteria and germs in the air

-reduce stress

-help you feel more rested and active

-create relaxed atmosphere.

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100% cotton gift bags.

gift bags
gemstone jewellery

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Gemstone jewellery online. Beautiful and colourful range of bracelets and earrings.

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(* Minimum spend for this offer is £10.00 and excludes heart bracelets)

Choose your energy bracelet and earrings. Wear it and feel the energy. Pick your gemstone jewellery for any mood or outfit. Choice of flexi and wire bracelets. Wide choice of gemstone studs. Gem jewelery is good choice for work, when going out with friends or for every day wear. Beautiful colours and good vibes of gemstone range will keep you energized and positive all the time. Keep up on top with all you do. Stay positive 24/7 and take care about yourself. You can read about properties of the gemstones in product description. Visit our jewellery page for more information and full range of products. Share the good vibes with your friends and close ones. Check out on our discount offers.

Shop beeswax skin care products

Beeswax skin care products

Beeswax skin care products. Natural skin care products made with British honey and beeswax. Pumper yourself with organic skin care products. We offer natural soaps made with British honey, beeswax and essential oils. They are chemicals free thus suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. They are save for environment as well.

Natural and organic products are good choice to use daily. Your skin will stay healthy and radiant whole year round. We believe it is good choice for ‘green people’ who care about quality and look for environment friendly products.

beeswax skin products